L'escalier - 1997 -

Private collection


Discover more than fifty oil paintings.


Nature lover

les toiles actuellement disponibles en vente

Canvases available for sale

Yves Donval is a fantasy creator!

He materializes his escapes
on canvas and thus offer opened landscapes or scenes of life in three dimensions

cliquez la toile est sous la souris
Emerveillement - 2001
Private collection




Séjours en Bretagne

We wonder why some of them look more real than nature!

Cliquez, la toile est sous la souris

Bain de fraicheur - 2001
Private collection



Eau et lumière

His workshop is a living-space with plenty of light
In front of the Aven river, he enjoys this very particular lighting for which so many painters over the past centuries came to
create in Pont-Aven

Cliquez, la toile est sous la souris

En janvier- 2000-
Private collection
Le Midi 

Des jaunes

Natural lighting is a must for Yves Donval who creates only under day light.

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Canal du Midi



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