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His signature can express all this.
The man likes laughing, turns reality into a joke, doesn't take himself seriously but is serious in what he believe.
Signing with this three basic colours, he expresses his will not to cheat, be faithful to his art and to himself But it is also a wink to the copyists on one hand and the purists of signature on the other hand


To authenticate his method, it is his fingerprint on the red, the yellow and the blue, that throughout his work punctuate his creation.

Canvases previous to 1994, are moreover signed only by this simple seal, such as Midi dans le Midi

Loosened by the superfluous and the useless, his concern is very much into details. With the will to show the essentiel, he neglects no plan and each part of the canvas is handled with care and attention.

Midi dans le Midi – 12P- 1993
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Canal du Midi